Why We Love SEO: 5 Great Reasons

Alright, we’ve already talked about the good and the bad of SEO, and about all of the bad advice you may be hearing, but today we are going to talk about the AWESOMENESS that is great SEO. Don’t let the work deter you – having wonderful Search Engine Optimization techniques is a HUGE benefit to your business.

What are the FIVE REASONS I love having great SEO?

Reaching My Ideal Client Easily

In today’s digital marketplace, you must not only have wonderful work, but you must be FOUND. If your ideal client cannot find you, what will happen to your business? As always I believe that strong word-of-mouth and referrals are incredibly important for photographers, but second on the priority list? Showing up in the online search results.

And as Heather and I always say, there is ROOM in the marketplace. You just have to know where you fit in. Sure, you it make take more work that you’d like to show up on the main “Pittsburgh Photographers” page, but there are tons of niches out there, and there is room for everyone to appear in front of their ideal client!
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Tried and True Techniques

Each and every time I sit down to write a piece of specifically-focused SEO content for my site, I know exactly what to do. I have a checklist that I walk through that helps me to make my content perfection in Google’s eyes, and builds my website into a plethora of great articles for Google to crawl and reference.

If there is anything I want from my website, it’s for it to be relevant and easy to crawl!

Speaking of relevant…

I Can Write From The Heart

Google is not only looking for content that is configured in an SEO-friendly fashion, but it’s also looking for content that is relevant, meaning that I can truly write from my heart when I create content for my ideal clients! I can write according to what I know, my perfect place-to-be, and that content will speak to my SEO efforts as well. Mixing great, readable content with tried-and-true SEO techniques is something that Google absolutely LOVES.

Be First To Mind

Once you have wonderful content available, be sure to share it with others! This is a great part of SEO, because not only will you create works of art in your content creation, but then sharing them with others makes your thoughts and work top of mind when it comes to “who is the expert” in your field.

When you are known as an “expert”, others will naturally refer you to their friends and family, and will also come back to read more content from you over time. Win-Win!

It Varies Every Time!

Sure, there are great techniques for SEO, but the great part about it is that you can rank for LOTS of different topics! Say goodbye to the days when you were writing article after article just to keyword-stuff your website. Now you can create various themes and pieces of content that will show up in all different places on the web.

I love this aspect of SEO, because it keeps my mind going each time I sit down to write, but still keeps my overall content theme really marketable to my (you guessed it!) ideal client.

What is your FAVORITE thing about using SEO in your business? Leave us a comment below!

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