Hey Everybody!  We are celebrating TEN YEARS of love and romance at Weddings by Heather!!

In 2003 I was working a full time job at an engineering firm, Ella was not quite a year old, and I couldn’t imagine adding one more thing to our busy schedules.   In May of that year, I photographed my first wedding for a couple that couldn’t afford a “real” photographer. Even using a simple point and shoot camera,  I was hooked.

When I started this adventure, it was mostly a way of justifying my hobby. I wanted fun, new camera gear and the only way I felt comfortable with that type of investment was it it was for a legitimate business.  I went from three weddings per year to 30 and was overwhelmed by the accolades I received. Praise God for giving me the opportunity and passion to begin this new chapter.  Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many amazing couples. I’ve photographed countless weddings and have shared in the joy with their family and friends.

I wouldn’t have known where to begin in this business if it hadn’t been for the many talented photographers who were willing to share their talents and expertise with a complete novice.  Five years ago I began sharing MY knowledge with other photographers via instructional workshops. That side of my business has grown tremendously and I’m honored to have helped many achieve their dreams.

To celebrate this anniversary, I started a Facebook page and I will be giving away a chance to win a FREE one hour Skype consultation. All you have to do is like my page and you will be entered! CLICK HERE!!

Thank you to my clients, my family, and my friends for all of your support and encouragement, I appreciate you more than words could ever express!

Pittsburgh Wedding Photographer

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