A few months ago I received a phone call from a representative at Hewlett-Packard in Atlanta asking if I would be interested in speaking to their potential lab clients regarding my experience with the HP Indigo press. Of course the answer was a resounding yes!!! Being recognized nationally, by a powerhouse such as HP, is quite an honor. There will be several top notch labs on hand to witnessing the amazing output of the HP Indigo. I will share my experience with press printed products, how I’ve used them in my business, and what we can do together to create synergy between photographer and lab. The goal, obviously, is to work together to grow our respective businesses. Below is a complete description of the event. I will be in Atlanta on Wednesday and Thursday of this week and could not be more excited. Of course I’m a little nervous as there is always the chance that I will embarrass myself, you can follow my escapades on Twitter as I navigate the ATL.
Weddings by Heather National Speaker on Photography

Seeing Is Believing when it comes to proving the quality, efficiency, and productivity of HP Indigo digital press solutions for the photo print market. That’s why we are inviting you to be our guest in Atlanta for a first-hand look at end-to-end digital printing photo solutions from HP.

•  See live HP Indigo press demonstrations.  HP Indigo digital presses deliver stunning, vibrant, true-to-life color quality across a tremendous range of substrates. Reliable high-quality output is critical to your business and HP Indigo delivers great impressions – and more. See a variety of Photo Applications that are making money for printers!  These hot applications are currently being produced on the HP Indigo utilizing a variety of unique and exotic substrates.

•  Strategies on Building a Photo Business.  Digital printing of photo books, greeting cards, yearbooks, and directories are some of the fastest growing applications of the digital printing industry. New photo products and business models are emerging that are creating even more attractive opportunities. This session will examine the digital photo printing market, describe innovative photo products, and summarize the critical success factors for building a photo business.

•  This session will feature a top professional photographer who will discuss how the evolution of technology has empowered the traditional business to grow and evolve into new, profitable marketing and sales opportunities which benefit both the professional photographer and the professional lab.

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