Name: Soozie 

Website www.PhotographyBySoozie.com 

What do you photograph? 

I photograph seniors, babies, and families. My main focus is high school seniors.

What do you love most about this type of photography? 

Watching the transformation of my seniors turn from shy and nervous to confident and excited! Its important for me to take  time with my seniors in order to create a natural, relaxed, and fun portrait experience. I want them to leave feeling like a supermodel.




Years in business? 8 years and counting!

Type of business? Sole Proprietor

How would you describe your style? 

I would describe my style as colorful, clean, classic, and fun. Collaborating with my teens to make their shoot authentic to them and to make my “style”  conform to theirs. Its really about their style, not mine. But I try to stay consistent in my editing and keep it clean and simple.






What do you think is the biggest factor that contributes to your success? 

Personality, fun, and the ability to make the camera disappear.  I define my success by the happiness my shoots and photos make my clients. The experience is what drives the photo shoot. If I can make the client forget there is a camera and help them to exude self confidence and feel gorgeous or handsome, then I am successful. Giving my clients a great experience has brought me so much success in bringing in more clients consistently. My clients bring me clients. I couldn’t ask for more! When I witness the joy I see in my clients when they view their photos, I know it was a great success, therefore I am successful.


Where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration everywhere. All around me. When I am driving, watching TV, browsing the web, and shopping.  Location scouting and clothes shopping  would probably be my main sources of inspiration.  I’ll see an amazing old barn on the side of the road and have a whole shoot in my head immediately. Same when I come across a really cute piece of clothing.



Why are you a part of the Flourish Academy? 

How could I have passed up the opportunity that Heather has offered? It is an honor and privilege that I was chosen among the other fantastic contributors. With this opportunity, I hope to help teach, inspire, and motivate other photographers.  I hope to share some of my tips and tricks so that others will find ways to be successful in their photography journey.






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