Name: Taryn Boyd of Blu Hippo Photography
Pittsburgh Family Photographer
What do you photograph? I photograph families with a strong focus on lifestyle newborns.
What do you love most about this type of photography? Lifestyle is more raw and meaningful to me. It about capturing life more like it really is so we never forget.
Blu Hippo Photography
Years in Business: 6 years
Type of Business: sole proprietor
How would you describe your style? Emotional is the first word that comes to mind because well… ask anyone I am a very emotional person. I want to leave people with deep sense of what was really there that day. I want those images to feel like an old song you hear on the radio that takes you back to a place and a feeling you’ve since forgotten.
taryn boyd -- Blu Hippo Photography
What do you think is the biggest factor that contributes to success? I think I have an ability to read people well. I can make them feel comfortable in front of my camera and usually clients become instant friends. Because of this it keeps people coming back. In the beginning I always approached my business as a creative outlet but I realized early on that running a business is hard and you need a team of really great people who are supportive of you. Heather has been one of those for me.
taryn boyd -- Blu Hippo Photography
Where do you find inspiration? All over the place. I love all art forms but mostly music. I often am driving along listening to a song that move me and somehow images of that song pop in to my head.  I am also inspired by interesting light. I try to find new and unique ways to photograph it.
taryn boyd -- Blu Hippo Photography
Why are you a part of the Flourish Academy? Heather has been such an inspiration to me in how she runs her life and business. I came to Heather a few years back when I wanted to grow my business and become a better business person. My time with her has been invaluable and I am lucky to have her as a friend. Why wouldn’t I want to attach myself to someone/something I know is going to be a huge success.
taryn boyd -- Blu Hippo Photography flourish-academy_0007 flourish-academy_0004

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