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Learn from the FA and get your camera gear from YM Camera.

The Flourish Academy has partnered with YM Camera to be your go-to resource for photography. Our team is proud to offer unparalleled service to photographers all over the world. Check out all of the free video tutorials below and share your results in our private Facebook group

Heather Lahtinen – Founder FA
Robby Yankush – Owner YM

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Family Posing Workshop

Family Posing Workshop

Would you like to feel more confident posing and interacting with families? Whether for regular or mini sessions, it's important to be prepared for family dynamics... namely the crazy children! You will have two qualified instructors with nearly 30 years of combined...

Getting Started with Studio Lights

Getting Started with Studio Lights

We've been talking a lot lately about lighting our photos using off-camera flash in both the FA Community group and the FA Membership. One of the biggest mistakes we see photographers make is buying a lighting kit that doesn't all them to grow. In this video, we are...

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