Camera ClubMy dad has been encouraging me for the past few years to start a camera club at our church and a recent renewed interest has finally sparked me into action . I have explained to him (countless times) that I am extremely busy and didn’t think I had the time necessary to commit to this endeavor, but then I remembered one of the goals I had when I first began teaching: accessibility. I want my classes, workshops and training to be accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. I offer workshops privately and through the Community College of Beaver County at differing price points, and now via this camera club, at no charge.

I am reminded of this verse from Luke 12:48: “To whom much is given, much is expected.”

We have been blessed with a successful business, and understand the importance of giving back.

The Camera Club will host fun, informative, relaxed meetings that may also include field trips and monthly photo challenges. It is open to anyone with a digital camera, regardless of skill level. Please consider joining us, we will meet the third Tuesday of every month beginning on February 21st at Mt. Pleasant church at 6:30pm. Directions and info about our church can be found by clicking here. There is no formal registration, but drop me an email if you are interested so that I can plan appropriately.

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