Natural Light Workshop

We are very excited to announce our new natural light workshop!

In this workshop you will learn the following:

Understanding Light
– How light travels
– Direction of light at different times of the day
– Color of light

“The Hand Trick”
– Using your hand to test subject to see the light

– Hand-hand reflector
– Natural reflectors

Flat Light
– Working in shade
– Working far into the shade
– Working on the edge of shade
– Adding in a reflector

Direct Sunlight
– How to position subjects
– What kind of direct sun works
– Mid-dat vs evening/sunrise

– How to find the back/rim lighting
– Where to position subjects
– Shooting all natural vs with a reflector
– How to get dreamy backlighting using shade + sun
– Sun flare

How Light Affects Your Style
– Flat lighting
– Back lighting
– Working with your clients for proper lighting
– Choosing background (contrast vs. hight key)

The workshop is divided into two sections:
1. Classroom Learning and
2. Hands-on Training

Instructors: Leeann Marie & Heather Lahtinen
Date: Monday, August 28th
Time: 1-5pm
Price: $275
Location: 187 Ewing Hill Road, Monaca PA 15061

For the best possible learning environment, we have limited enrollment to 6 attendees. Please use the calendar below to secure your spot.

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