Off-Camera Flash Workshop

We are very excited to announce our new off-camera flash workshop!

Learn Off Camera Flash

Sponsored by the amazing team at YM Camera in Boardman, Ohio. Make sure you visit Jim, Robby and all of the great people at YM for all of your photography needs, they have been extraordinary to work with and we can’t recommend them enough.

Pittsburgh Off-Camera Flash Workshop

In this workshop you will learn the following:

Basics of flash usage
– How aperture affects flash
– How shutter speed affects flash
– Balancing flash w/ ambient

When you can use flash + what makes sense
– Types of flash equipment
– Speedlights
– Pocketwizards
– Modifiers

Indoor Flash Setups
– Straight-on light
– Backlit / Rim lighting
– Side lighting
– Directional Light

Outdoor Flash Setups
– Flash power
– Balancing with ambient
– Gels + color temperature

The workshop is divided into two sections:
1. Classroom Learning and
2. Hands-on Training

We will be renting various flashes and triggers for every student to use and practice with.

Instructors: Leeann Marie & Heather Lahtinen
Date: Wednesday, August 30th
Time: 1-5pm
Price: $275
Location: 187 Ewing Hill Road, Monaca PA 15061

For the best possible learning environment, we have limited enrollment to 6 attendees. Please use the calendar below to secure your spot.

A few images from our most recent workshop!

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