I probably should have been killed in the accident we had in the Volkswagon Rabbit, but I lived to tell the tale. Then there was the episode in 2nd grade that was less than ideal. Not to mention that time I slept in a motel closet with roaches. I guess all of these things build character!

Major Points from this Episode:

This is a valuable exercise, make the time to do it.

  1. What is the earliest memory that you can remember of your childhood? (Try to recall a specific event or experience).
  2. What are the impressions you have of yourself in this memory?
  3. What are the impressions you have of each of the people who are associated with your memory?
  4. How has this memory contributed to the evolution of your personal history and past behaviors or actions?
  5. How might the experience you had back then have impacted the way in which you relate to yourself today?
  6. How might the experience have impacted the way in which you relate to other people today?

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