Discussing Your Best Year Ever by Michael Hyatt

Major Points from this Episode:

  • Your Best Year Ever is based on 5 key assumptions:
    • Life is multifaceted
    • Every domain matters
    • Progress starts when you get clear on where you are now
    • Any life domain can be improved
    • Confidence, happiness, and life satisfaction are byproducts of personal growth
  • In order to succeed, you must believe you can achieve your goals.  We often believe these things can’t happen to us, but you need to let your imagination wander and your belief take over.
  • Every goal you want to attain will have obstacles, so you must believe it can be done.  Come from an abundance mindset when thinking about your goals.
  • Our limiting beliefs come from multiple sources – ourselves, others, the world.  Replace all your limiting beliefs with a liberating truth.
  • The barriers you have made up in your mind are imaginary.
  • We all have more power than we realize.  That power consists of four things –  attention, forethought, action, and self-reflection.
  • Resources should not be immediately known.  If they are, it means your goal is too small.
  • Easy resources make for weak performance.  A lack of resources spurs resourcefulness.
  • Get resourceful and determine what you need to reach your goal.
  • When you obsess about what is wrong, you miss what is right.

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Actionable Strategies

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and begin to re-frame and re-phrase them.
    • Recognize your limiting belief
    • Record the belief
    • Review the belief
    • Reject/Reframe the belief
    • Revise the belief
    • Reorient yourself to the new belief
  • Begin to live as if what you desire is already true.

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