Hello! Soozie here.

I have been doing a lot of NOTHING the last month! I will admit it has been AMAZING to do nothing! But there comes a time when enough is enough and it gets too hard to push that train from a slow crawl back to a consistent steady pace. So I have been making a list of things to do for my business while it is my slower season. Time to rev it up and be productive! Here is my list… a great start for 2017!

Warmer days are coming, my friends, I promise!  But maybe not for another 2-3 months, so here are some projects to keep a photographer busy:

  • Albums: Design and order new sample albums, photograph them, update album info guide for clients
  • Clients: Review and create/update canned emails, contracts, session information guides/pricing, timeline worksheets & questionnaires, etc.  Re-evaluate your workflow to make sure it’s consistent with how you actually work/connect with clients. Achieve an inbox at zero and keep it that way!
  • Computer: Clean up your system, update software and applications, backup presets and scripts. Remove unused programs and files!  DELETE THOSE OLD RAWS!!
  • Gear: Clean or send away for maintenance, record your serial numbers somewhere safe, update firmware, consider selling things you’re not using.
  • Office/studio: Clean it!!!  Read and discard your hoarded industry magazines, shred unneeded documents, organize your receipts and bookkeeping, etc.; it’s tax season so make sure you’re on the ball with that, too!
  • Photography: Is there something you’ve been dying to shoot? Try to make it happen! Submit work for publication consideration and share your work on social media. Update your BLOGS!
  • Product packaging/stationery: Re-evaluate it, order inventory, prepare/assemble anything you can do in advance. Order samples for IPS.
  • Website/portfolio: Update, maybe re-edit or remove images if necessary if your style has changed, check links (especially for press features), catch up on blogging sessions.
  • Workshops/Education: Watch/do them! Sign up for the Flourish Academy videos, tutorials and most importantly MENTORING!
  • And finally… personal: Enjoy it! Read books, do fitness, print your images… try to form good habits to take through the busy season, so that you can return to work with fresh eyes and a renewed enthusiasm!


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