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This is a guest post by Leeann Marie, please visit her website to see more beautiful weddings: Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers


Nikon D750: RAW
70-200mm f/2.8 lens @135mm
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO 250

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Shooting mode: manual
Metering mode: partial/spot
Focus points: single
Focus mode: AF-C (continuous focusing)

This image was taken on April 2nd at 5:19pm and it was very cold, windy and overcast. Springtime in Pittsburgh. Using a single focus point, I focused on the bride’s face.

This image was photographed on the University of Pittsburgh campus, right near the Quad. There were lots of people around, but the spring trees were really pretty! To get this image, I kneeled down and shot at an upward angle to include the trees but not the people. Because I was shooting on a long lens, the angle still remains flattering with the distance and lens compression. No flash in this image.

Below is the original and edited versions, sent to ShootDotEdit for color correction. I applied my Noise Reduction/Sharpening/Lens Correction preset.

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