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This is a guest post by Leeann Marie, please visit her website to see more beautiful weddings: Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

Leeann Golish - After_0006

Nikon D750: RAW
70-200mm f/2.8 lens @130mm
Shutter Speed: 1/200
ISO 800

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Shooting mode: manual
Metering mode: partial/spot
Focus points: single
Focus mode: AF-S (single one-shot)

This image was taken on April 2nd at 10:11pm and (obviously) shot indoors. Using a single focus point, I focused on the mother’s face.

This image was shot using my “typical” reception dancing light setup, which includes one on-camera flash and one off-camera flash. The off-camera flash is bare, and placed on a light stand. For this shot, I was trying to use the off-camera flash as a rim-light for the mother/son dance. Since they were dancing, people tend to move! Instead I got some flare from the flash, but I still like the look. The mother is the important subject in this photo and it captures the emotion of their dance without too many background elements. Carnegie Museum Music Foyer can be a very challenging venue!

Below is the original and edited versions, Lightroom edited. This was sent to ShootDotEdit for color correction, and then I applied my universal Nose Reduction + Sharpening action. I also adjusted the vibrance of the colors and the blacks of the image to create lots of contrast with the blare backlighting.

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