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I decided to invest in Heather’s private mentoring because I needed one on one attention and a fast track to reaching my goals.  It is amazing to me all that I’ve achieved in a short amount of time and I attribute that to the attention I received in private mentoring.  Because of Heather’s teaching and practices that I implemented immediately, I was able to achieve my goals 8 months in advance and felt confident in leaving a corporate job to pursue my passion career.

Simply put, Heather has changed my business and my life.  Thru her mentoring I’ve learned the mechanics of photography, how to edit images, how to work with clients, and how to run a successful business.  But, more importantly, she provides her mentoring clients with exercises in confidence, goal setting in all areas of business and life, and provides actionable steps towards achieving your desired life.  In her world, the sky is the limit for me, and I couldn’t be more thankful for her teaching, guidance, and coaching.

Thru Heather’s coaching and personal development I was able to gain a clear perspective of where I was and where I wanted to go.  Heather always says, “What’s the goal?  What do you want?”  These are important questions that I never thought to define before Heather.  She has been by my side with that gentle push when I needed it, but also a big nudge when I needed to take a giant step forward.  Her guidance and reassurance in those times are what have impacted me most.

The success of my business is directly tied into Heather’s teaching, mentorship and coaching.  As I navigated a world that was new to me, she was there to help me define the goal, determine each action step, and focus me towards the necessary actions.  I walked away from a 6 figure corporate job to pursue my passion and I couldn’t be happier.  Without Heather, this wouldn’t have been possible.
Maura Chick

Pics by Chicks

I started my business in May of 2013, covered my first wedding that September and began my mentoring with Heather in November.  From there my business really took off, and I’ve been with her ever since.

I started out photographing a little bit of everything, but I fell in love with weddings immediately and knew that was where I wanted to take my business.  The struggle I had was that I did not know exactly how to get there.  How do I become a full time wedding photographer?  Can I really be a wedding photographer?  I never had a problem with booking clients, as my schedule was always busy but my fear was removing the part of the business I started with.  Heather gave me the tools, confidence, and goal setting strategies to make that happen and with that, my business tripled in the first year of becoming a full time wedding photographer.  She helped me to articulate exactly what I wanted, why I wanted it, and taught me how to turn that into goals.  Goal setting is, and has always been, a major aspect in my mentoring with her.  You can learn a good bit through classroom teaching, I certainly have, but you cannot generalize goals.  Goal setting is something very personal and specific and on going mentoring with Heather has proved to be the key to my success.

Balance was often a struggle early on in my business.  I am a wife and also a mother of two little boys.  Our schedules almost never match up and with running a full time business, day to day life can be difficult.  Heather taught me that balance, learning to say no, and creating a margin is the only way to have success both at home and in my business.  This balance all ties back to what she has taught me to focus on:  goals.  Refining and changing those goals based on what is happening in my life and where I see and want my future to look like is what I have gained from private mentoring and coaching.  Goal setting can often be a difficult task, but she has always been able to coach me through every obstacle and come out in the end a success.

Heather helped me to transform my entire business.  She also helped me transform myself.  Her love and passion for helping women is incredibly motivating and the confidence that I get from her teachings is invaluable.

Mandy Brisco

Amanda Brisco Photography

I met Heather almost 9 years ago at a college course to learn how to use my digital camera. After that class I was addicted! Not to just photography… but Heather!

Thru the years of mentoring with Heather,  I’ve learned the photography, business, editing, and how to balance it all in my personal life! If you’re personal life is a mess then so will your business. Heather has taught me that goal setting in all areas of business and life is imperative and how to take the steps to achieve those goals. She taught me that you can’t set goals without knowing WHO I am and WHAT I want.  My business has been on a constant uprise since I started and having Heather in my back pocket has been my secret weapon!!! Her guidance and friendship has definitely been a true ingredient to my success in life and business!

I trust Heather… she knows what she is doing and what she is talking about. She is very well educated and truly driven to help people succeed in business and life!  Learn from Heather… you will not regret!
Soozie Harrison

Photography by Soozie

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