Welcome to the “off season”! It’s cold outside, and not a lot of our clients (except for newborn photographers!) are really thinking that this month is the perfect time for a photo session. What to do with ourselves while we wait for the warm weather? Inevitably, a lot of photographers choose the off season to update their business – and this often includes their website!

revamp your website

Are you interested in revamping your website in this cold time? Here are some ways to easily revamp your site while you’re waiting for the sunshine:

  1. Update your headshot: Nothing says ‘outdated’ like blonde hair when yours is now brown. Not that I have personal experience with that…
  2. Add your photo: If idea #1 was not applicable because you don’t even have a headshot – now is the time to get one! Add a photo of yourself to your website, so people know who they’re hiring!
  3. Re-examine your portfolio: This often is overlooked over the course of the busy time of year, so now is a great time to update your online portfolio!
  4. Update your contact information: Look into your contact page and decide how you want people to contact you this year. Make that option the biggest choice they have!
  5. Blog: Enough said. Who here forgets to blog in the busy time? If that’s you, take this time to write about your past sessions.
  6. Categorize: Have you felt a little slack on categorizing and sorting the content on your website? Now is a great time to add tags, categories, and keywords to your pages and posts.
  7. Update your design: If you’re thinking that a complete design update is in order, this is the time to do it. Make sure that you know your color HEX codes and have updated logo files and give it a go. A few down days shouldn’t impact your overall client experience.

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