backup or die banner Are your photos safe?

Hard drives are prone to failure, and they will fail… typically at the least convenient time.

I’ve been a professional photographer for over 12 years and I’ve had three major hard drive failures. Thankfully, all of them have been an inconvenience, not a catastrophe. As a wedding photographer, I can’t take any chances.

I’ve worked with countless mentoring clients that have also experienced hard drive issues, specifically two friends in the past week.

As a result, I started to put together a checklist and strategy for them to use to protect their data. As I worked on this endeavor, I realized that another team of photographers had already put this together… and much better than I could have done.

Therefore, I implore you to go purchase their lesson for $19. You will be incredibly relieved and (dare I say) happy when your hard drive fails to know that you have a system in place.

Click here for more info.

I love the title of their program: ” Backup or Die”

It’s hilarious and true. Because if I didn’t have a system in place and I lost someone’s wedding photos, I think I’d rather die than make that phone call.

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