The graduating class of 2020 missed out on so much this year: prom, Mayday, fun activities, friends, social interactions, and everything that goes along with being a senior. My daughter is in the class, and while she maintained a great attitude, it was still challenging.

Because of this, my friend Soozie from Studio Soozie and I decided to invite them to wear their prom dresses to model for Camera Club.

We had two goals:
1. To give the seniors a fun evening to remember, along with great photos.
2. To give photographers an opportunity to practice, learn and take images to use for their social media.

Pittsburgh Area Camera Club

The Flourish Academy has been hosting Camera Club for 8 years to encourage and grow a supportive group of photographers.

Meetings are typically held the 3rd Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm – 8:00pm. Click the button below to join our free, private Facebook group to receive notifications about events.

We host these at the FA headquarters, about 20 minutes west of the Pittsburgh International Airport. A few times a year we take field trips to fun and interesting locations.

Any and all photographers are welcome! We receive several messages every month from people asking if they can attend… the answer is YES!! We welcome photographers of all levels. Please don’t be shy or intimidating, everyone that attends always wishes they had started coming sooner.

Free. Camera Club is a community outreach and has always been free. Occasionally, if we take a field trip, there is a small cost involved based on the venue or location.

Ready to become a better photographer?

Do you want to take better images but feel frustrated with everything you need to learn?
The FA offers photography education that won’t overwhelm you – instead discover our proven path to become a better photographer. We will provide you with the most direct training and the support you need to get all of your questions answered and improve your photography.

The photo below is is a subset of amazing photographers that are a part of the Flourish Academy Elevate group. They are committed to growth and are taking massive action to take their businesses to the next level.

Can I share my images from Camera Club?

As always please feel free to share your photos on your social media platforms and website, giving credit the Flourish Academy and Soozie Harrison.

I started Camera Club almost a decade ago in order to give photographers the opportunity to learn, have fun and take photos that they could use on their platforms. We want to help you grow!

In order to be transparent, please mention that the photos you took were a part of an event that you attended.

Passing off these images without credit infers that they were your client, and that you produced this work on your own based on your styling, location selection, etc.

Please do not use these image on promotional material for your business or enter them in contests, as that would be a misrepresentation of your business. Please let us know if you have any questions, thank you!

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