Name: Lindsay DeLisio
What do you photograph? Newborns, Children and Families!
What do you love most about this type of photography? I love photographing newborns mostly because I love babies, but I also really love the challenge of it. Each one is so different, not just physically but their temperaments as well. Babies with long torsos and shorter legs come into poses differently than babies with longer legs. 5 pounders and 10 pounders both bring about completely different sets of challenges for me. It keeps me thinking and forces me to be constantly creating. It’s the hardest work, but also the most satisfying to me.
When it comes to kids and families, it really is all fun and games. I could never photograph just newborns, as much as I love it. Posing newborns in the intense heat and silence is quickly balanced out by the wonderful, crazy kids I get to photograph (and chase and tickle and laugh with) throughout each week.
Years in Business: 5 Years
Type of Business: LLC
How would you describe your style? I like warm, rich colors in my editing. My shooting style for newborns is more posed, but still intimate and sweet. When I’m photographing kids and families, my goal is to capture any moods that come out – kids have no filter and I love it. I also want to capture any interactions between family members.
What do you think is the biggest factor that contributes to success? I don’t know if there is any one thing that will ultimately contribute to your success but my advice is always to focus. Focus on your business. Determine what you want to achieve for yourself and for your clients, and create a detailed plan to move in that direction. Set Goals! You are your business, so know yourself. What are your strengths, weaknesses, what do you value and how can you use all of that information to tap into your target clientele.
Where do you find inspiration? I’m inspired by my clients! Each family dynamic is so different and I try to let that dictate where the session goes.
Why are you a part of the Flourish Academy? I’m thrilled to be a part of this community. Our contributors are all from very different backgrounds and each one has incredible value to add! The photography industry is so vast and can be extremely tough to navigate. The Flourish Academy is a force of knowledge and encouragement.

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