**Geek alert**

I love technology, gadgets, gear, computer equipment, etc. I am also really into continuous improvement in regards to my workflow. My photographer friends refer to me as the queen of workflow because it is something that I take great pride in.

I track every detail of my workflow diligently and during the off season I analyze where I can improve my quality and increase efficiency.

A few years ago I picked up the X-Keys Professional module because I determined that every time I had to move my hand using the mouse I was losing seconds. The X-Keys allowed me to program my most used actions into the device so that I could use my left hand to execute actions, while my right hand would use my Wacom for edits. Very slick.

I really thought I had it going on… until I met Dave and Quinn. I am not too big to admit that they out-geeked me, and that is pretty hard to do. LOL

They developed the Quikeys system to drastically improve efficiency. The device itself has three layers, one of which is programmed for RAW conversion in Lightroom, the second for retouching, and the third for album design. I was blown away by their initial release in early 2007 because I had programmed my X-Keys and I know the effort that they put into making it a photographers dream.

It’s worth repeating: I WAS BLOWN AWAY.

I can say, without hesitation, that it changed my life. Ask anyone who has spent any time watching me edit a wedding and they will attest to the quality and speed with which I can edit. Based on my calculations, I estimate that it has saved me 52 days in 2008 (and I believe that estimate to be conservative). FIFTY TWO days to spend time with my family or allocate my time working on my business, rather than in my business.

If you are a photographer spending too much time on your computer, I implore you to check out their website, it will change your life.


And make sure that you check out their blog as well, these two are rock stars! I love them!

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