I am very excited to introduce you to Hannah, isn’t she BEAUTIFUL!?!

Photography Workshops
I met her a few years ago when she took one of my photography workshops and I’m thrilled to announce that she now works with¬†Weddings by Heather.Photography Workshops

Hannah is fantastic photographer in her own right (her new website will be launched soon), check out her Facebook Page.
Photography Workshops

Hannah has been with me for a few months as my personal assistant, but she is so much more.

She’s creative, ambitious, driven, hard-working and most of all (my favorite) CAPABLE. She has managed everything I have thrown her way professionally and with grace. Her typical response is, “yes, I can handle that.”Photography Workshops

Look at HER!!
Photography Workshops

She’s fun, stylish and she wore a pink tutu to her photo session.Photography Workshops

I have needed help with my business for quite some time, but my pride kept getting in the way. I finally relented because I needed to focus on bigger things for my business and I knew that I couldn’t do it alone. The week she started I thought, “why didn’t I do this sooner?” Sometimes we have to get out of our own way in order to make progress.Photography Workshops

All of these photos were taken on our homestead, it makes a great backdrop for photo sessions.

Click here to learn how we have recently opened up our property for photographers.Photography Workshops

She’s a dreamer and I think this photo captures that sentiment perfectly.
Photography WorkshopsPhotography Workshops

We just had this rock wall installed and I am loving it for photos.Photography Workshops

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