Returned home from Orlando yesterday after one of the most amazing and thrilling experiences of my professional career.  Speaking on behalf of HP to printers, lab owners and paper providers was both an honor and pleasure.  I was overwhelmed by all of the passion and creativity, these people love substrate!! (Fancy word for paper). The entire event was flawlessly executed and incredibly impressive. Everything was first class and the education was invaluable.

I am posting images of my business card because I ran out towards the end of the conference. A special thanks to Marathon Press (one of my favorite labs) for providing me with these beautiful die cut cards, everyone thought that they were so unique.

Weddings by Heather Business CardWeddings by Heather Business Card

DSCOOPThis was my first time speaking at an international event, and I am thrilled to have made new friends from all over the world (my session was translated in four languages – awesome!). When I first arrived on Thursday, I decided to check out the ballroom where I would be speaking. When I walked into the keynote, I was overwhelmed by the size of this room. This photo (taken with my phone) only captures about half of the room, capacity: 1,800. Whoa, wait, what??? I immediately sent a text my HP handler to ask her why I was in this ENORMOUS ballroom. She indicated that they would most likely section off part of the room for my presentation. It turns out that they didn’t, but the room was nowhere near this full. Whew.

My presentation, specifically geared towards why I choose to partner with HP Indigo solution providers, went better than I could have ever hoped. The feedback thus far has been very positive and I could not be happier. I cannot thank everyone enough for their kind words and encouragement, I especially appreciate the attendees that took the time to speak to me after my presentation.

If you attended DSCOOP and have any questions regarding my presentation, or the products I discussed, please feel free to contact me.


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