In the past several years, I have immensely enjoyed the opportunity to mentor other photographers and inspire them to pursue their passion.

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I was deeply moved when I stumbled upon this post by my friend Maura. You can read the post in its entirety by clicking here, below is a exert. THIS is exactly how I wish to serve others.

Everyone needs someone like Heather.  A constant champion in your court.  Someone yelling from the sidelines, “YOU GOT THIS!  YOU CAN DO THIS!”  That’s what I get from Heather every week.  There are times I come to her and just cry.  She knows exactly what to say.  And, I’m sure she can attest that it took a lot of coaching of me to feel the way I feel now (I still had confidence issues 4 months into our mentoring) but her spirit has pushed me forward, her BELIEF in me kept me going.  I’m forever grateful to her for everything she has done for me.  I can’t say enough good things about her.  She should be famous for how much she puts out there to help people – guidance and business mentoring to other photographers, counselor to wives and mothers (she leads a Christ-centered marriage group) and [new to her list] a life coach! She continues to amaze me!  I hope that I can be the champion to others that she has been to me!

Thanks, Heather, for all you’ve done for me.  Words can’t even express how appreciative I am – you’re the best!

Here is a photo of Maura that I took during our styled session. Isn’t she beautiful!?!

Pittsburgh Style Photo Session

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