Portfolio Review


Looking for some direction with your photos?

The quickest way to improve your photography and is to get a portfolio review. Getting meaningful feedback will help you improve your images and your confidence.

All skill levels are welcome to submit: hobbyist, beginner, intermediate and advanced.



Submit your photos quickly and within 2 weeks you will be sent a video recording of Heather Lahtinen, founder of the Flourish Academy, reviewing your images. This will include the following:

  1. Heather’s initial and unguarded reaction to each photo.
  2. ACTIONABLE tips regarding lighting, sharpness and composition.
  3. Her favorite photo and why.
  4. Her least favorite photo and why.
  5. Areas where you might need to study in order to learn more.

Please submit no more than 20 images, instructions will be provided upon purchase. You can submit either: your website, Facebook page, or individual images.


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