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EXIF Data Nikon D700
50mm f/1.4 lens
Shutter Speed: 1/5000
ISO 1600

Shooting mode: aperture priority
Metering mode: evaluative
Focus points: single
Focus mode: one-shot

This photo was taken on August 2nd at 5:31pm. I took this shot under a gazebo because it was raining. The sky was overcast, but I had plenty of light.

I choose ISO 1600 because because I wanted a fast shutter speed, but upon further evaluation, I could have lowered the ISO and still had an acceptable shutter speed. Although one thing is for certain: 1/5000 of a second will produce a tack sharp image!

Using a single focus point, I focused on her right eye. Because I shot with a large aperture (shallow depth of field), her left eye is slightly out of focus (soft). This does not bother me in the least, in fact this is consistent with how I photograph portraits of this nature.

Kyle is out of focus in the background as a supporting character in this cast.

Below is the original and edited versions. Color and light adjustments were accomplished in Lightroom, skin softening in Photoshop.

I typically don’t soften male skin, but for this photo, I ran my retouch action twice: once with a 89% softening for Jessica’s skin, and then again with a 22% softening for Kyle’s skin.

Click here for my Photoshop Retouch + Sharpening action. My entire Lightroom workshop is available online: click here for more info.

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