I am so excited to begin offering new content from different photographers! This will provide insight into how different photographers use their surroundings, and their gear to create unique images.

This is a guest post by Leeann Marie, please visit her website to see more beautiful weddings: Leeann Marie Wedding Photographers

Leeann Marie Photography

Nikon D750: RAW
70-200mm f/2.8 lens @70mm
Shutter Speed: 1/100
ISO 1000

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Shooting mode: manual
Metering mode: partial/spot
Focus points: single
Focus mode: one-shot

This image was taken on January 9th at 3:09pm and shot indoors – slightly overcast with variable sun outside. Using window light only. Using a single focus point, I focused on the bride’s eye.

I noticed the reflection across the altar in this small chapel area and wanted to use it to create a slightly different bridal portrait of Carolyn. She has such an easy, bright personality, that using the window light and white wall would really bring a bright portrait to life. I always shoot a little on the dark side for my in-camera exposures, but knew it would lighten up nicely.

All window light.

Below is the original and edited versions, all color correction and editing in Lightroom. Shootdotedit did all basic color correction for exposure, white balance, and contrast. I add noise reduction and sharpening and lens corrections using a standard preset. I brightened up the left side of the photo to adjust for shadows hitting the wall.

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