If you know me at all, even just a little, then you know that I LOVE technology. I pride myself on keeping up to date with the latest toys…errr… I mean, tools of the trade.

I have been a QuiKeys user since the beginning and their recent update has been tremendously helpful. You can read all of the exciting details on the QuiKeys Blog, but my favorite addition has been the Lightroom module. I love Lightroom, and have been a user since the first beta release, but there is one thing that has always bothered me… the folks at Adobe have neglected to incorporate the use of shortcut keys in regards to the develop module. Very frustrating for someone like me who lives by actions, presets, shortcut keys and the ability to use a keyboard for everything (mouse movements waste precious seconds in the workflow process).

In all fairness, there are a few things you can access with shortcut keys, but not the important things… like temperature, tint, exposure, presets, etc.

So when Dave informed QuiKeys users that they had created a way for the keys to access these functions, I was overjoyed. Now, my hands never leave my Quikeys or my tablet, which I believe is a huge advantage.

I own all of the QuiKeys modules that are accessible via the different layers:
Lightroom Library mode
Lightroom Develop mode
Photoshop mode
Photoshop album design mode

Bravo to these guys for another well done release, I can’t function without them!

In other exciting tech news, my new Wacom Intuos4 pen tablet arrived yesterday. It felt like Christmas, I couldn’t wait to play! Some of the new features include: new pen tip sensor for improved pressure control, touch ring, and express key displays.

The touch ring is awesome, it has a toggle to control up to four different functions, I seem to use mine the most for zooming and controlling brush size in Photoshop.

The illuminated express keys sent me over the top, I think I am in love! I programmed my most used Photoshop actions and now I can actually see what they are, instead of relying on my memory.

But keep in mind, all of these controls are application specific. You can change everything based on the application you are running. VERY cool.

It’s a happy day here at Weddings by Heather, I am getting so excited for the wedding season to begin! Which reminds me, I’ve had quite a few photogs asking about a one day Lightroom class… you know, start the season out on a good note. Anyone interested? Send me an email, I’m thinking it would need to be during the week as Saturdays are busy, and you would need a laptop w/Lightroom installed. heather@weddingsbyheather.com

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