You may have heard, but there is a new marketing tool in the mix: LIVE VIDEO.

Did you just cringe a little? Maybe you thought about leaving this blog post? Don’t! We are here to help, and sometimes the things that are ‘new’ to the scene can be scary. Live video may be something you have heard of, and simply decided a big NO about it. That’s quite alright. I’m sure a lot of us have felt the same way! Heck, when we decided to do Live Video in the Flourish Academy Facebook Group, it took some warming up to the idea for us as well. There’s nothing quite as daunting as putting yourself out there to an unknown audience.

Today we’re going to tackle some of the big things that may be holding you back from using live video, and what we would suggest to move forward from them. But first…

Why is Facebook Live Video a great marketing tool?

In the rank order of content Facebook wants to show to all of the people on your friend’s list, live video currently ranks at the top! That means that Facebook will push live video more than any other type of content. There are even notifications on the Facebook app to let users know when you are live – this is impressive!

Facebook Live is a great marketing tool for small business owners because it not only is a popular way to distribute content, but it can also be an educational or entertainment tool. Your current, past, and future clients will get to know you on a more personal level, and your personality can really shine through in Live video. This is a great way to connect with your clients online!
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Facebook Live: What is no one is watching?

You may be nervous that you will go live an your viewer count will be a big, fat ZERO. Well, let us be the first to tell you that this happens to everyone. Seriously. Do not think you are the only one! Perhaps it was just a bad time of the day to go live, or your audience just hasn’t yet caught on to your new techniques. The great thing about live video? Even if no one is watching when you are truly LIVE, the video lives on Facebook and can be watched again at any time in the future! Think of your live videos less as “LIVE” and more as easy content-creation!

Facebook Live: What if I mess up?

That’s what LIVE is all about! It’s absolutely OK to have flaws on live video, and it helps to make you more personable. Own them, and then move on. Try not to completely lose track of your topic, but having flaws in your video is quite alright. We get lots of random phone calls in the middle of our live videos – UGH! We’ll get better about that soon…

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Facebook Live: What do I talk about?

This is where we encourage you to either share exactly what you are up to in the moment (think of it as ‘behind-the-scenes’), or come up with a content plan. If you take a few minutes to jot down some bullet points on what you’d like to share, it will make you feel more calm about the ‘on the fly’ feeling of live video.

All in all, we encourage you to give live video a try! We think it has some great marketing purposes, and can really help you to get started with your audience and gain trust. It’s all about building relationships in our business, and Live Video is a great way to do that without even leaving your office!

Want to get started with LIVE VIDEO?

We’ve put together this 10 STEP GETTING-STARTED GUIDE to help you know where to begin. You can do it – we believe in you!
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