Show Notes for Episode 01 of the Flourish Academy Podcast:  How long will it take your business to succeed?

Discussing The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Major Points from this Episode:

  • Small consistent actions will create success
  • Discipline and hard work will bring about the completion of your goals.  If you can’t put forth the effort, give up.
  • Fairytale endings don’t exist in real life.  Your life isn’t a fantasy movie.
  • Insta-fixes do not get you anywhere in your life and business.  We can never expect immediate results.
  • The Ripple Effect has a large impact in your life, whether good or bad.  Be aware of how small and seemingly innocent choices take you down a path you weren’t expecting.
  • Success isn’t a lottery ticket.

Actionable Strategies:  

Write down two goals that you have.  Then, write down two things that you can do every day that will get you closer to that goal.  Then GET TO WORK!

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