As we strive to continue to deliver the Flourish Academy message to others, we decided the next step was to create a Podcast so that we can connect with people each and every week!

As we continue to mentor others in their journey through business and life, we recommend books that they read to nourish their mind. There is so much insight to be gained when you continually feed your mind enriching material. We would hear quite a bit from others that they didn’t have much time to read. Our thought was that we could do the reading and you could listen to us discuss the highlights of these amazing books. So, we do all the reading so you don’t have to.

Starting on March 20, 2018 the Flourish Academy podcast will begin! In each episode, we will discuss a book that has greatly impacted our life, both professionally and personally. Each episode is brief – no more than 30 minutes – so that you can easily listen to us on the go! And, at the end of each episode we will give you an actionable strategy that we’ve gathered from the book that you can use in your life.

Get ready for an amazing podcast full of great information so that we can nourish your mind so that you can continue to flourish.

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Hosted by: Heather Lahtinen and Maura Chick

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