Discussing The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

Major Points from this Episode:

  • You make your choices, then your choices make you.  They greatly impact the trajectory of your life.
  • Every choice you make matters, even insignificant ones.  They either move you forward or set you back.
  • We constantly complain that things are out of our control and/or someone else’s fault.  The blame game shouldn’t be pointed outward, but look inward to figure out how you make your situations work for you.
  • Give 100% with zero expectation of receiving something in return.
  • Own everything you do 100%.  Take accountability and ask, “What’s my role in this?”
  • Everyone has the opportunity to be lucky.  We are faced with opportunities and you have a choice to make.
  • Begin tracking the areas of your life that you don’t feel like you have control over.

Actionable Strategies:  

  • Take 100% ownership of everything that happens to you.  No blaming, no pointing fingers.
  • Track at least one behavior or area of your life that you’d like to improve.

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