In this episode, I address a question/situation that was shared on our YT channel. Do you think we should add the ability to submit questions for me to cover in these episodes?Please let me know!
Here was the question that was submitted:
Speaking of parents, my mom lives with me. I made her breakfast for her birthday including 2 eggs. I think the meal I made was a pretty standard size, not too small. After she ate the meal, she went into the kitchen and made eggs saying nothing to me. Am I over-reacting by thinking this was disrespectful and rude? I mean, she can eat whatever she wants, especially on her birthday, but I just feel like the average, normal person would have thought it courteous to say something. For example, “I know you just took the time to make me this special meal for me and I appreciate it, but I felt like having a couple more eggs.” Was she rude or did I over-react? Thank you.

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