From the interview with Nicole Begley:
Heather Lahtinen has a brand-new side hustle. It’s cash only, and she’s willing to cut a deal in the parking lot out back.

This week you’ll hear all about her offbeat new biz: what it is, why she started it, and how she turned a profit in less than two weeks (😯). This is a fantastic case study for keeping things fun and easy, without sacrificing success!

What To Listen For:

  • What to ask yourself when photography starts feeling stressful
  • The feelings-based “data” you really need to have
  • How not to use Hair of the Dog Academy!
  • What Heather’s clients are actually buying (hint: it’s not The Thing itself)
  • How to use your hobbies to inspire your business
  • Work feeling like a bit of a struggle lately? Channel some of Heather’s Why not?! energy into your own business, and you’re sure to see results!

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